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15 IT Resources IT Staffing and Consulting Services has more than 25 years of professional experience working in diverse team environments.  Some of these clients include Intel Corporation, Hewlett-Packard, Portland General Electric, Pacific Corporation, Fred Meyer, Portland International Airport and many more.

15 IT Resources understands the needs of your IT business. We gather requirements, prepare, and enable clients for the team member selection process in addition to learning the strengths of potential team members when the time comes to build a successful IT Consultant team.

In general IT teams contain the following types of consultants:

1. IT Managers

2. Project Lead

3. Business Analysts

4. Network Administrators

5. Database Designers and Developers

6. Application Developers

7. Quality Assurances Testers

8. Application Technical Writers

15 IT Resources’  business objective is to ensure our clients vision will be transformed into reality.  We will do this by inspiring our IT team to always provide positive customer service, deliver personal and technical integrity, contribute to client profitability, and always continue learning. 

Our Consulting team knows technology is changing everyday requiring new skills or ensuring current skills are up to date through training and certifications. We ensure our IT team has every opportunity to grow including the option to leave the team as a direct hire to employers with very little buy out cost compared to our competition. Everyone wins when we enable our technologists transition to employment opportunities where their skills are valued most.

Below are seven steps that we strongly follow:

1. Choose team members who are motivated to demonstrate their professionalism, technical skills, and role model customer orientation to make a difference that matters to our client interests.

2. Select team members with comprehensive knowledge of business and IT technology that is holistic and prepared to deal with complex and varied situations.

3. Establish statement of work requirements that unifies client team members ensuring each consultant understands what is expected in order to deliver the service, project, or product the customer requires of the team.

4. Decide each team member’s role and how each role complements the team dynamic to achieve client business objectives. Determining the team roles and responsibilities at the beginning of the engagement, such as, in the software development cycle, will ensure the team will work together to deliver the best possible results to the client.

5. It is imperative that every team member is committed to the team and the client.

6. Choose a team’s leader who is highly motivated toward team goals, who shares the mission for the business, the client, and the spirit of the engagement at all times.

7. Communicates in private with team members who struggle with committing to, producing for, or upholding the team. Members of the team who cannot meet the expectations of the client will be responsibly removed and replaced with the least amount of interruption to the business.

15 IT Resources believes in creating and building strong teams with clearly defined expectations. To do this we need to create a team atmosphere in your organization with a sense of dedication and purpose. The client is encouraged to share their vision and mission for the teams consultative objectives to create a common goal or purpose.  We ensure that our consultants think as one positive team, are professional, and always motivated to work. If you would like to build a strong team for your IT business development needs, please take time to talk with us. We will create the right team at the right time for the right prices for you.

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