Why Clients choose 15 IT Resources?

The answer to this question can be found on the table below.

Other IT Staffing Companies 15 IT Resources
Client Monthly Cost 0% saving per hour. 20% – 30% saving per hour.
Client Direct Hire Cost $15,000 – $30,000 payment based on the percentage of Consultants annual salary. $10,000 flat cost.
Consultants Technical Interview Interviews conducted by unqualified and inexperienced IT business professionals. In general, the Consultants (pass or no pass) are always sent to the Clients. Interviews conducted by the company experienced Senior Consultants. High-level 3-step technical interview is required to pass.

15 IT Resources is committed to providing the right IT Consultants with the right skills at the right cost. In keeping with our 15 IT Resources mission statement “IT Staffing for Consultants by Consultants”, we understand how to design, develop, implement, and sustain business applications by matching the requirements given to us by the Client to the technical skill sets needed to be successful. And because of this we know how to interview and hire the brightest IT Consultants.

The main priority of our company is establishing long-term relationships with our clients that will last many years. One of the Software Development Life Cycle phases is “System Support and Maintenance”. Our goal is to continue assisting our clients with their IT systems support and maintenance, including new features, implementations, and deployments. This will reduce overall system cost-upgrades and speed-up this phase of the process. Changing IT Consultants and Staffing Companies during different project phases generally causes disruption to end users and higher costs. Investing in a long term partnership with 15 IT Resources will minimize end user disruptions and lower costs ensuring services and products are maintained or delivered profitably.

1. Client Monthly Cost Savings are 20% – 30% Per Hour

We offer to our Clients a monthly cost saving from 20% to 30% per hour. As we only charge a flat fee of $15.00 per hour to our Consultants, there is a guarantee for our client to save money.

2. 15 IT Resources $10,000 Direct Hire Placement Cost

If you would like to hire any IT Consultant from 15 IT Resources today, a required flat placement cost will be $10,000.00 only! This cost is independent of the IT Consultant annual salary or hourly rate.

3. 15 IT Resources 3-Step Technical Interview

Our unique 3-Step Technical Interview pre-screen ensures technical proficiency assessment of the most qualified professional. Whether you need to build a team for the best price, find temporary staffing with specialized skills, or choose to hire directly, our staffing acquisition service is always professional, timely, and high value for the cost of doing business with us.

To qualify a technologist as one of our consultants’ prospective candidates must pass Technical Interview pre-screen conducted by our experts to ensure we only present the best and brightest professional to you. The prospective candidates who do not pass the first step in the Technical Interview pre-screen do not qualify to be represented by us to you.

How our 3-Step Technical Interview pre-screen works for you:

Step 1. IT Consultants are technically pre-screened by phone to qualify as a candidate.

Step 2. Candidates are evaluated by experts, using comprehensive technical proficiency testing custom-fit to the client requirements.

Step 3. Candidates provide examples of professional work or programming development code which is validated by our experts.

Candidates that pass the technical interview will be represented us to you. Hire us or choose to hold interviews of your own to validate our results. When the start date is provided an operations lead is assigned to support the consultant and client for as long as the resource is needed.

What happens next?

We contact referred IT Consultants within 1 to 3 business days. After communicating with the Consultant we reconnect with you, by phone or email, to let you know if the Consultant becomes a candidate after passing our 3-Step Technical Interview testing. We find the technologist employment as a 15 IT Resources consultant and 30 business days’ after the start date of employment with a client (a little less than 45 calendar days) we send you $2,000 dollars! A signed company-client contract agreement is required by both parties to make sure that the referral bonus is delivered to the right person on time.

Check your spam or junk folder regularly in case your settings misfile our messages to you. We only communicate to you in response to questions about staffing or referral related updates.

4. 15 IT RESOURCES $2,000 Referral Bonus

When you refer IT Consultants to 15 IT Resources you become eligible to receive a $2,000 referral bonus 30 business days after a contract hire start date begins!

Use the contact us link at the top of the page and be sure to include the referral’s first and last name with the preferred contact method by phone number or email address.

Contact us to find out more about 15 IT Resources. We designed our business to serve you.


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