Why IT Consultants Choose 15 IT Resources?

The answer to this question can be found on the table below.

Other IT Staffing Companies 15 IT Resources
Consultant Monthly Fee $25 – $50 per hour, or may be more. $15 flat fee per hour only.
Consultant Monthly Payment $40 – $60 per hour, or may be less. $70 – $80 per hour, or may be more.
Referral Bonus (available for anyone) $100 – $1,000 payment in 60 – 90 days after a Consultant hire start date begins. $2,000 payment in 30 business days after a Consultant hire start date begins.

1. 15 IT Resources $15.00 Flat Fee Per Hour

With a combined experience of over 25 years of experience as IT Professionals our business exists to employ the best and brightest technologists to be represented as 15 IT Resources consultants. To do this we developed a way for you to keep more of your wages than our competition. We do this by charging you a flat fee of $15.00 dollars an hour for each hour you work subtracted from the client hourly rate, or 15% per hour if the client is paying less than $35.00 dollars an hour, as well as providing options for health benefits at an affordable cost.

2. 15 IT Resources $2,000 Referral Bonus

When you refer IT Consultants to 15 IT Resources you become eligible to receive a $2,000 referral bonus 30 business days after a contract hire start date begins!

Use the contact us link at the top of the page and be sure to include the referral’s first and last name with the preferred contact method by phone number or email address.

Think about it.

What is the industry standard fee for staffing services to employ your skills and knowledge? What do employers pay staffing services to search and hire contracted professionals to engineer infrastructure or develop software products, manage programs, or lead projects?

1. All companies must carry overhead expenses as part of doing business. We just take less from you.

2. The value of employment with us is more money and benefits for the work you do to create a better life for you and your family.

3. We enjoy building lasting relationships that help people find satisfying careers doing what they educated themselves for.

How we work for you?

Within 1 to 3 business days after you are referred a staffing acquisition specialist schedules a pre-screen interview with you to qualify you as one of our candidates. Candidates continue to the Technical Interview testing to assess technical proficiency and qualify you as a professional technologist represented as 15 IT Resources consultants.

Step 1. IT Consultants are technically pre-screened by phone to qualify as a candidate.

Step 2. Candidates are evaluated by experts, using comprehensive technical proficiency testing custom-fit to the client requirements.

Step 3. Candidates provide examples of professional work or programming development code which is validated by our experts.

One of our staffing acquisition specialists then finds employment for you. And we keep you working!

Here’s how it works!

We contact your referred IT Consultant(s) within 1 to 3 business days. After initially communicating with the Consultant and they pass our 3-Step Technical Interview testing, we reconnect with you by phone or email to let you know if the Consultant is a candidate. When we find the referred Candidate employment as a 15 IT Resources consultant and 30 business days’ after the start date of employment (a little less than 45 calendar days), we send you $2,000 dollars! A signed company-client contract agreement is required by both you and referred consultant to make sure that the referral bonus is delivered to the right person on time.

Check your spam or junk folder regularly in case your settings misfile our messages to you. We only communicate to you in response to questions about staffing or referral related updates.

Contact us to find out more about 15 IT Resources. It’s the reason we developed this website for you.


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